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Follow Bwana Tucke-Tucke into Southern Africa ...

Carsten Möhle and ElephantBwana Tucke-Tucke organises exciting Safaris in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and other southern African countries for you – with or without guide!

What makes us the somewhat different tour operator? Our guests can answer this question the best (or you just send us your dream holiday into southern Africa and test us):

  • Carsten Möhle is unique and a walking Africa-library. He knows every grain of sand in southern Africa by name and apparently every grain of sand knows him.
  • Bwana Tucke-Tucke is definitely not one of the most low priced tour operators for southern Africa. But we wanted to experienc a special vacation. Thanks to the enormous knowledge, the empathy and the tireless commitment of the Bwana Team we had an unforgettably wonderful holiday. The trip was worth every penny.
  • To go on a Windhoek city tour with Carsten Möhle is like sitting in the front row of a Madonna concert.
  • At breakfast alone we received more insider knowledge about Namibia than can be read in any travel guide.
  • All started with a slide show of Carsten Möhle in Germany about Namibia. He new so much, spoke so entertainingly and literally infected us with his enthusiasmthat we booked our safari with him. We have never regretted it.

So if you are looking for a really special vacation in southern Africa: We will let your dream holiday come true. And if you just have questions regarding southern Africa fell free to write to us. Most probably we will be able to help.

Sunny regards,
Carsten Möhle, Bwana Tucke-Tucke

Explore Windhoek with Bwana Tucke-TuckeExplore Windhoek

Bwanas unique City Tours through the Capital of Namibia: We will take you back in time by revealing the history and inside stories behind individual houses, interesting places and monuments – knowledge that is not found in the travel guides. It is this detailed knowledge that breathes life into the story of Windhoek’s development, its three castles, the “Tintenpalast” and the “Alte Feste”.

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